If you want to get to know Robyn, listen to her music. She’s quirky and sassy enough to actually say how she feels, regardless of opinions, whether it’s polite or even if it’s proper English. She cares about what she sings; she crafts each song to say what she believes needs to be said. She is genuine with her lyrics, every part of her is put in her songs. She’s a small town girl that likes to party, loves her family and being honest. She doesn’t take bullshit and she is fiercely loyal not to just her friends but to herself. What’s the music like? Country, mixed with a little bit of pop with lyrics that are her complete uncensored thoughts.


What has Robs done? She has played stages all over the place including the Diamonds in the Rough Showcase at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards. She then placed third at the Aurora Magna Hoedown competition followed by playing the 2016 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase placing top 3. After taking a debrief and truly finding herself and her writing, Robyn released her Debut EP ‘Classic’ in February 2019 featuring her single ‘Him Problem’ that now has over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. This got the attention of many folks and landed her a nomination for the Rising Star Award at the Country Music Association of Ontario Awards. With a new single coming in the fall, Robyn’s writing continues on it’s quirky, honest, story telling, chaotic ways. Stay tuned for the adventure that is, Robyn Ottolini.